HVAC Services

You can count on One Call Pros for all your Heating and Air Conditioning needs. Upgrade or repair your HVAC unit with services from us. With a combined 40 years of experience in the industry, there is nothing our HVAC experts cannot fix. Maintaining your Heating and Air Conditioning unit at its best will save you money and headaches in the long run. Do not waste any more of your hard earned cash on a faulty HVAC.  Contact us today to see what we can do for your HVAC unit.

Our Heating and Air Condition Services Include:

  • Infiltration and duct leakage inspections -energy savings inspections
  • Mini-Split installations
  • Whole house dehumidifiers
  • Ultra Violet air purification (perfect for sick house syndrome)
  • Maintenance contracts to keep units running properly
  • Commercial and Residential Electric or Gas
  • Air condition and Heating service and repair
  • Duct Work- New and repair
  • Residential and Light Commercial system replacements
  • Maintenance of all HVAC units
  • Duct Blower testing

Other Services Include:

  • Duct Pressurization Tests - this test is to determine how much air leakage is leaking into your attic.  This leakage reduces the efficiency of the system and causes your electrical usage to rise.  Sealing your duct system is required on all new constructions home.
  • Hood Measurement Tests - This test is to measure each air grill to each room for the volume air flow.  This service helps reduce hot spots and can show where you may need to make adjustments to the duct system and help balance the air flow within your home.
  • Thermal Camera Inspections - Do you have a room that is hotter or colder than the rest?  Let us inspect, we use thermal cameras to look behind the walls to see if there is insulation missing and air flow temperatures differences.

Residential Dealer for:


Commercial Dealer for:


We also provde units ranging from 1-50 tons.